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I Wanna Steal Your Innocence.

To Me My Life It Dont Make Sense.

To Me My Life It Dont Make Sense.
80's movies, acting, aim, aladdin, almost famous, ariel, arielle ered, ashley couture, aurora, backstreet boys, barrel, beauty and the beast, bell, benny and joon, bob the builder, breathing, bridget carpenter, broadway, cabaret, candy, center stage, chicago, choir, cinderella, clash, classic rock, coldplay, computer, converse, cory aitchison, cry-baby, dancing, daydreaming, degrassi, derrah fuller, devon geyer, disneyland, donnie darko, dora the explorer, eating, edward scissorhands, elphaba, emily boyle, eyeliner, ferris buellers day off, food, friends, full house, gay pride, glinda, guys, hailey johnson, hanson, haunted mansion, hugs, jack skellington, jake gyllenhaal, jasmine, jekyll and hyde, jet, jimi hendrix, jiminy cricket, johnny depp, kelli kay, laughing, led zeppelin, life savers, little mermaid, lock, long hair, maroon5, marvin gaye, mickey mouse, minney mouse, molly ringwald, music, musicals, nicole ellsworth, noggin, old nick shows, oogie boogie man, parties, peter pan, phone, photography, pictures, piercings, pirates of the carribean, polka dots, pretty in pink, princess bride, queen, ramones, rebecca fondilier, rent, rhps, rocko's modern life, rocky horror picture show, rooney, ryan gosling, ryan roschke, sally, sara bushman, sarah baron, scarlet rose, school of rock, sex, sharokina haghee, shock, shoes, side ponytails, singing, sixteen candles, sleeping, sleeping beauty, snow white, spice girls, spice world, splash mountain, stars, sugar, summer, suspenders, taking random pictures, the 80's, the 90's, the beatles, the breakfast club, the doors, the nightmare before christmas, the rolling stones, the strokes, the who, tim burton, vicki huang, white stripes, wicked.